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Rehabilitation Camp
(3/4 Weeks)


Dog Requirements:

  • 5 months or older

  • Complete and up-to-date vaccinations (Bordatella, Distemper/Hepatitis/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus - DHPP, and Rabies).

  • Dogs must be quarantined at home for 2 weeks prior to time of training (No boarding/daycare, grooming, dog park, or vet facility visits).

  • Male dogs MUST be neutered if 8 months or older at time of training

  • Female dogs MUST NOT be in heat at time of training

The Good Stuff!

What will your dog learn?

Basic commands such as (at a distance):

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Wait

  • Come/Here

  • Heel

  • No

Manners such as:

  • Leash Manners

  • Door Manners

  • Calmness

  • No Jumping

  • Remain on place until released

  • Food and Distractions

  • Personal Space

  • Off-leash Training

Is Rehabilitation Camp right for you?

Designed for dogs who have high anxiety, extreme fearfulness, are reactive/aggressive towards other dogs and/or people, or if they have bitten another dog or attempted to bite a person.

While in Rehabilitation Camp, your dog will be slowly introduced to different environments and situations. The goal of this camp is to rehabilitate your dog, so it's a longer and more meticulous training process. We will try to find the source of these behaviors and will do a lot of exposure training and confidence building exercises to work on the underlying issues.


At the end of this camp, you will receive a 1.5 hour pick-up session where we will go over everything your dog has learned, education on the tools we used, and a detailed plan on how to continue to set your dog up for success. We will teach you how to better handle and manage your dog in situations that would typically set him/her off.

A dog will never be 100% rehabilitated and there is a possibility your dog will relapse to the aggressive behavior if the plan/rules aren't followed. We may muzzle train your dog for safety reasons.

Honest answers on the training application will allow our trainers to best assess your dog. We strive to provide your dog with the best training possible and to set them up for success in the long run. We want your dog to succeed and live as normal of a life as possible.

*Depending on the severity of their issues, a Rehabilitation Camp candidate will either require a 3-week camp or a 4-week camp. At Melissa's Happy Dogs we strive to provide the best training and behavior modification for Rehabilitation Campers 

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